Survivor Winner Heads To Prison

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    Who needs Hezbollah when you live in a nation that sentences people to over FOUR years in prison for not giving almost HALF their earnings to the State.

    The ASSHOLES worry about loss of so called freedom when Bush wiretaps foreign terrorists but then think the price living in a democracy means allowing the government to seize your hard earned assets.
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    Well, he got it for being stupid. Although 4 years seems to be excessive, he forgot the 2 most important parts of American justice:

    1. Don't cheat on your taxes.
    2. Never lie (or talk) to a Fed agent.
  3. :confused: I thought the sentence was for breaking Sodomy laws.

    Have to disagree here... the guy scammed through his charitable org, as well as not paying a dime in taxes and pleading ignorance.


    Hard earned money? The fat guy was on a REALITY TV show!! He LIED in court per the judge. He chose to NOT pay taxes. I hope you don't support tax evasion. Gotta laugh (again) at the "hard earned money" comment.
  5. A federal jury convicted Hatch in January of failing to pay taxes on the “Survivor” prize and other income. He was sentenced in May to 51 months in prison by a judge who said the reality TV star had lied repeatedly on the witness stand.

    I agree, the whole thing blows.

    But if you look at the whole picture, an assumption can be made that the judge was making a moral political statement.

    Don't lie to me you fucking fag!
  6. i am so in agreement on this. i actually watch the survivor tv show and i watched the seasons he was on.


    when i heard about this, i was just totally appalled. yea, he fucked up ..but sending him to prison like this is just fuckin ridiculous. i can't stand some shit about our country.

    here's another forum he's being discussed:
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    The sodomy line is the first laugh I've had all day!

    I don't know the details Beck. But the bottom line is whether it's winning on Survivor, selling some non-futures premo, playing in front of a sellout at the Garden, or performing surgery on a heart patient, the government is their for almost half your dough, (throw in State taxes and you're at that level). America was not FOUNDED upon such principles. Countless libs will go on and on about a sleazebag like Padilla but the libertarian voice for the millions who've been extorted by our tax code is silent.....
  8. Anyone who doesn't support tax evasion by individuals is a traitor to mankind.
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    I believe a defendant (not a witness!) has a right to lie.

    Yes, I support tax evasion as an issue of liberty, human rights and social justice.

    The "hard earned" was not germane to Hatch. No one would accuse any of us at "working hard" by clicking a mouse all day either. That's not the point......
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    many if not all judges fancy themselves as judges-- up their doing justice. It is how they cope with their very boring jobs. Most states have been smart enough to limit a judges ability to do justice.

    But nothing wakes up a judge more than a guy who is obviously lying or a guy who makes a small truthful admission even though it hurts his case. Judges bend over backwards to protect the obviously truthful guys. And they detest liars. my entire trial philosphy was based on that foundation. Admit the small petty stuff but be truthful and zealous on the big stuff.

    They is my view from a small sample size -- But a very consistent pattern. (I was an attorney who went to court -- a lot for a young attorney, (at the time) but I am by no means claiming I was a very experienced veteran.
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