"surviving" the first months at propfirms

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    ive read a lot of threads about propshops like macfutures. the locations of macfutures e.g. in LA, Chicago, London or Sydney are very expensive places. i would like to start trading as a trainee or junior. in case if they pay bonuses once a year, is there any financial support provided by mac or other firms to pay the rent and living expenses? i think there are enough of young traders outside the US who want to become successful but the costs for living there are too high for the first months. If bonuses are paid monthly this should help to bridgeover. any solutions for that by mac?
  2. Mac pays a salary for the first three to six months with paychecks twice a month.
  3. thx traderguy,

    that means they pay bonuses twice a year?
  4. No, 2 paychecks a month of salary through the first 3 months of live trading plus your split of the profits you generate (after desk fees).