Surviving rig workers were held captive for 2 days in the sea by BP attorneys

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  1. I am no attorney, but I think this is kidnapping or enslavery...

    ... in the USA
  2. .....if you were in legal trouble, you would want those guys on your side. :D
  3. To get countersued and make it worse?

  4. Wow! BP kept survivors hostage? Not allowing them to speak to their families or leave the ship until they signed?

    This is criminal ( not just a civil offense). The attorneys may be liable too! They should know better.
  5. kxvid


    There's opportunity for all kinds of torts here. The problem is its too much of a good thing for lawyers. The proceedings will take forever and if they succeed the judgments may very well never be recovered due to bankruptcy. BP has near infinite liability (>1 Trillion) under federal oil spill law. Suing their attorneys is a good idea though.