survival of the fittest is getting screwed up, promoting socialism

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  1. this is kind of confusing, but bear with me. i will sum it up first, then provide quotes after.

    survival of the fittest is getting screwed up. humans encourage the reproducing of people who are not the fittest. think about it, pretty much everyone reproduces, whether they have good genes or not, or whether they can care for their children or not. we are accepting this behavior. we are basically saying, if your genes suck, reproduce anyway. or, responsible or not, reproduce anyway, you'll still be taken care of. this leads to screwing up survival of the fittest because now the ones who are not the fittest survive anyway.

    now here is what that leads to: because survival of the fittest is not happening how it should, the parasite type people are becoming the TOP of the food chain. they are LIVING OFF the TRUE fittest, BUT REALLY BECOMING THE FITTEST BY BEING PARASITES.

    now here are excerpts that make my point (from

    [Thomas Malthus] ...was deeply aware of the fact, that we're dealing in a sphere which is a closed system in contradistinction to a plane going to infinity. He said, "Quite clearly, humanity is multiplying itself at a geometrical rate and increasing its life support on an arithmetical rate. Quite clearly, the majority of humans are destined to have to live out their years in great want and pain."

    Forty years later, we have Darwin promulgating his theory of evolution, explaining it as a consequence of the survival of only the fittest species, and of the fittest individual within those species.

    We have Karl Marx saying, "I now accept Thomas Malthus' scientific statement; I have to think of it as absolutely valid. I also accept Darwin; quite clearly the workers are the fittest to survive. They know how to handle the tools; they know how to nurture the seed. These other people are parasites."

    Fuller discusses his theories with a group of students... Those other people said, "We're not parasites. According to Darwin's survival of the fittest, we are on top of the heap because we are the fittest. ... "We're going to stay on top of the heap."

    This, then brought about the two great political divisions of humanity since the time of Channing. We have the Socialists and the Capitalists. You can call it Communist and Private Enterprise, or any way you want to call it, but each of these great ideologies says: "Although you personally may not like our system, we are convinced that we have the fairest, most logical, most ingenious way of coping with lethal inadequacy of life support on our planet. Because there are those who disagree diametrically on how to cope, this problem can only be resolved by trial of arms as to which system is fittest to survive." That is why for the last thirty years Russia and the United States spent a sum now totaling six trillion four hundred billion dollars to buy the highest scientific capability of humanity in order to develop the means of killing the most people at the greatest distance in the shortest time.
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    "We have the Socialists and the Capitalists. You can call it Communist and Private Enterprise, or any way you want to call it, but each of these great ideologies says:"

    Socialists = Communist?