SURVEY - What do Most ES Traders Look at?

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    What is the most common time interval used to calculate Pivot Points for the ES?
    a) 9:30am - 16:00
    b) 9:30am - 16:15
    c) 00:00am - 16:15
    d) 00:00am - 11:59pm
    e) none of the above

    I personally use b) and it works for me. My Pivots today are:
    S2 923.08 - S1 932.17 - P 937.08 - R1 946.17 - R2 951.08 - along with the respective Median lines.
    attached i my chart for the day so far...
  2. hayman

    hayman, which I use for my EOD and EOW values, uses (a).
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  4. e) none of the above

    I use natural cyclic Support & Resistance points not artificial calculated pivots.
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    what most dont mostly look at :p
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    What is artificial about pivots? It uses the high, the low, and the close of the previous period, pretty straightforward.

    'natural cyclic support and resistance' sounds more artificial to me.
  7. I use pure price action, but I wish you the best.
  8. my Irish grandmother used to read tea leaves to divine the future. i decipher that day's ES move by reading the caffeine induced bowel movement as it sinks or floats hither and thither in the NYSE labeled ceramic pool of fortune.

    if i fail to release that morning, i watch the 1, 5 and 15 minute charts as well as the ES DP using the SPY and DIA DP to corroborate it and weigh my bets.

    as i have markedly better results reading turds, on one of my fruitless mornings, i tried to read my wife's bathroom brownies but perhaps because she is Asian, i misinterpreted and lost a good chunk of change.
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    You should try eating them.... that may do it...
  10. These were the pivots he posted "S2 923.08 - S1 932.17 - P 937.08 - R1 946.17 - R2 951.08".
    As soon as price exactly hits one of these price levels then pivots become a viable tool to trading.
    (Hint - Price doesn't trade at these price points)

    Natural sounds artificial? Ok, whatever.
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