Survey : Japanese firms see no rebound in production or sales until 2011

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  1. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Most Japanese companies don't expect production and sales to rebound to 2007 levels until 2011 at the soonest, according to results reported Thursday from a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry survey.

    The Nikkei business daily cited the survey as saying that of roughly 130 companies in key industries, 31.7% of manufacturers project a rebound in 2011 or later, and 23.8% of companies in non-manufacturing industries reported having the same view.

    The survey was conducted from late August through September, according to the report, and respondents were asked to compare current production and sales levels to those in 2007, before the U.S. subprime mortgage meltdown triggered a broader economic collapse.

    The response among nearly 40% of manufacturers was that current levels are between 70% and 80% of 2007 levels, the Nikkei reported.

    Over 32% of non-manufacturers said levels are now between 80% and 90% of 2007, the report said.
  2. Lol. All these numbers mean nothing. Their demographics are horrible, they are rapidly aging and their spending cycle will take another leg down going into the middle of the next decade.
  3. Are the US baby boomers getting younger? Seem to be a lot at my work retiring.