Survey: Health insurance costs surge in 2011

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  2. Harry Reid: Break Up the Big Health Care Monopolies

    Studies show that health insurance companies have in fact become monopolies in certain markets. A 2007 American Medical Association report, for example, found that Blue Cross Blue Shield controls 83 percent of the market in Alabama. In Maine, Wellpoint controls 78 percent of the market. A more recent report from the Government Accountability Office found that the five biggest insurance companies control more than 90 percent of the market in at least 23 of the states.


    This is just a sample of a number of articles out there showing what should be common sense, that the healthcare companies are monopolies in parts of the country. Reading the bible or watching FOXNews won't tell you this, you're going to have to learn to figure out why things happen.

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    Fewer wars = National health care system=Elimination of the USA medical cartel
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  5. it has nothing to do with obama. my insurance,blue cross,has gone up 15-20% every year for the last 5-7 years at least.
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    Well the article clearly states that health care cost were moderate and then surged, so while I am not certain of your particular case, this is a broad case study.

    Second of all, Obama was running his mouth for months about how HusseinCare was going to lower costs. It failed.

    Just face it, this highlights another failure of Obama. You can not honestly say that he is doing a good job.
  7. hopefully you understand that most of obamacare does not even kick in until 2014?
    by the way my largest increase ever was in 2007. 27% in one year. was that obamas fault? my lowest increase was this year. only 9%.
  8. Hopefully you understand that in anticipation of the "free" and expanded "benefits" Obamacare will mandate, insurance companies will jack up prices now?
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    By 2014 it will be deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and/or repealed by the Republican President and Republican Congress in 2013.

    America is having a debate on the size and scope of government, in round after round Hussein and his idiot followers are losing.
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