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    Do not know from where this was taken but words are encouraging for traders expecially those with mechanical systems.

    The first idea is one of emotion and attitude, namely that in order to be successful one must "surrender" to the market. If one ceases to worry about what might happen or what should happen, he states, then one is free to concentrate on what the market is doing, which is where the profit will be made.
    To succeed in the markets we must surrender. Never ever let any opinion about the market get in the way of trading." -- "Analysis is great, but when analysis and reality diverge, we must always go with reality." -- "Knowledge is great, but when knowledge and reality diverge, we must always go with reality." --
    "We must allow ourselves to mirror the market, follow it surrender to it.
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    Sounds like Deepak Chopra:) But what does it mean?
    It also rings a bit like "Ignorance is bliss" - Taking responsibility for one's actions is a heavy burden - like Chinese torture - relentless. relinquishing control to an omniscient, omnipotent higher entity (be it "The Market") is the ultimate relief, but IHO a surrender beyond which awaits an existence in a vegetative state veiled in ignonimity.
    "Cogito ergo sum".
    A very successful investor once told me "In the market, you need to have an opinion and you must [have the courage to] act on it." A few big trades make all the difference, and one needs to practice forming opinions to get ready for these trades.
    Darn that was some good Sancerre!:cool:
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    This thread belongs in the Psychology forum.
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    i like Deepa Chopra.