Surprising study shows California is actually a low-tax state

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    Surprising study shows California is actually a low-tax state
    An annual study by WalletHub has found once again that California is a relatively low-tax state. Despite heated rhetoric from Sacramento to Washington, the effective rate for all state and local taxes combined on a California household with $58,000 in annual income is a relatively low 8.54 percent. California has the 12th lowest tax rate by this measure. (Times of San Diego)
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  2. %% HUH, CA low tax?? And 58k sounds like poverty in CA. And CA is known for max goofy rules, which is a common pattern with excess taxes.:cool::cool:
  3. The average sales tax rate alone is around 8%. In LA county it is closer to 10%. I don't see how this claim can be true.
  4. Must be the same think tank that said Obamacare would lower insurance for everyone and Hillary was a lock for POTUS.
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    don't forget the excessive fees on gasoline CA charges, plus vehicle reg fees. The state has a low income tax rate for about the first 60K in annual joint income. About 2.5%. CA maxes out at 13.3% and at 86K per year for a single puts an earner into the 9.3% bracket.
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    This is Garbage!
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    I live in Los Angeles County and agree with RRY16 100%!!!

    From their own website...

    ScreenHunter_4267 Mar. 14 01.36.jpg
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  8. We are living in the age of fake news, fake studies, fake researches, fake polls.
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    California taxes only the rich. Top state income tax rate is 13.3%

    But state sales tax rate in LA is 9.5%, so equal opportunity for both rich and poor.
  10. I don't want to appear a socialist but if you are rich sales tax is irrelevant. If you are poor it is a real tax.
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