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  1. The old adage, "buy low, sell high" is heard wherever investors and traders gather. It is one of those Zen-like, feel-good statements that makes sense until you try to actually put it into practice.

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    {"s" : "cy,p,um","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""} What exactly is low? How do you know that price will not keep going lower? The truth is, no one really knows for sure if each stock entry will be successful. However, there are ways to place the odds of success firmly in your corner.

    We have conducted extensive studies since 1995 to determine what works and what doesn't work when it comes to picking stocks most likely to gain in the short term and our findings may surprise you. Did you know that short term gains are more likely after a stock falls five days, 5%, 10% or makes five lower lows in a row?
  2. actually, the account you are refering to was spoofed on c2. i would admit it, if it was mine, i don't hide my loses.

    i am in communication with c2 as we speak regarding who set up the account and they will be dealt with in due course.


    ps: keep a close eyes on these 3 stocks, you might learn something.

  3. i have no idea why pekelo launched the smear campaign.

    make sure you put these 3 stocks on your watch list, rowshan.

    Cyberonics Inc.Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc.UQM Technologies Inc


  4. Pekelo


    Surf really, knock this smear campaign bullshit off. The only thing I am guilty of is the ability to use google as intended, to make searches on the internet.

    By the way good job on trying to clean up the record on C2. It is still accessable, thanks to google cache. The fact is that 2 years ago "somebody", who awfully looked like you started a system there that blew up in 3 weeks.

    Were you ever involved with in any way? Be careful what you say, because I can find out! :)
  5. Every profession has its tricks of the trade. Truck drivers to astrophysicists all have certain tricks, tactics and methods to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible. Professional trading is no exception.

    Pro traders use certain proven tricks to place the odds solidly in their favor prior to placing any money at risk. One of these tricks is to buy weakness and sell strength. It sounds easy enough, but exactly what does it mean?

    Beginners repeat this mantra without fully understanding how to put it into practice. Exactly how weak does a stock need to be and how weak is too weak to risk buying the stock? We have conducted exhaustive, statistically valid testing on 1000's of trades since 1995 to find answers to this question. What we discovered may surprise you, but it's a proven trick used by professional traders to place the odds firmly in their favor when picking stocks for short term gains.

    The first step is to make certain that the stock you are considering is above its 200-day simple moving average. This makes certain that the stock isn't too weak to have a short-term bounce. Next, look for companies that are down 5 or more days in a row. There are multiple reasons this makes sense but the most simple is these pullbacks attract bargain hunters and others who look for this scenario often triggering gains over the next 1, 2 days and 1 week time frame. The next step is to drill deeper into the list for shares that possess a 2-period relative strength index of less than 2. (For additional information on this proven indicator click here). Lastly, only buy stocks that have scored 8 or higher on our Short Term PowerRatings. Stocks meeting all of these criteria have been statistically proven to have increased the odds of trading higher over the short-term.
  6. Lucrum


    I assume you will be shorting them then.

    Since there is no way they could possibly "trend" higher.


  7. :D :D

    actually they are long calls with a one week time frame:

    wilshire bancorp WIBC

    scientific games SGMS


  8. Are these just random names? What are these picks based on? Guru calls or what the hell?
  9. looks like ur not the small cap guru anymore
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