Surprised by Fed at 8:20 est

Discussion in 'Trading' started by magnitude, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. I'm glad I had no open short positions in index futures.

    How to anticipate these bombs?

    Was the timing of the rate cut at 8:20 a complete surprise? Was there a scheduled announcement by Ben himself?

  2. the first cut was after 8 also...
  3. Pekelo


    The business channels reported 10-20 mins in advance that an anouncement was coming....

  4. You knew it was coming. No surprise there. There will be more landmines for the bears. Its a very hard road to riches, full of misery and lots of weeping along the way..
  5. Fed will be cutting rates and cutting till the economy is bristling with joy and humming like a birdie. Than they will start raising rates once again. I wouldn't be a short and hope to cash in big and get my ass handed down to me.
  6. This chart tells it all. The market went limit down overnight then the price was supported 1 tick above that level all night. Then Ben and Co cut the rate shortly before the open. Coincidence? Hell no. This was a well orchestrated plan. The FOMC/PPT, whoever they are, profit from these situations those dirty rotten b......
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  7. Is there a website or even a payed service that would send out these timely heads up alerts as on financial tv?

    The chart this morning did look odd. Even so I didn't believe mayhem was just arriving.
  8. Bootsie


    Can you say Plunge Protection Team.

    Yeah, Go Team !!!!