surprise rate cut in am

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  1. anyone else hear this rumor being floated around today?
  2. Its always being floated when the majority are getting killed.
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    Floated to assist distribution IMO.
  4. Rumor is being floated around by underwater longs looking for idiots to buy the rumor so they can dump their holdings.

  5. Why did you think the market rally into the close? This was on the floor and yes i heard it. Question is can they fix the problems? But we are traders so who cares more action for us to play. Let them sucker everybody in so we the traders can short the next downtrend and make some money. What a scam, you gotta love it!
  6. What rumor. George called Ben today and told him to cut tomorrow morning. He needed some time for his buddies to buy up this afternoon.

    Ben said "OK George, we were going to wait until the end of the month but seeing as you tomorrow soon enough"?

    George then replied "That will be nice Ben as it gives me a chance to call my buddies this afternoon"......

    Yes, they are cutting...
  7. Is this the new "Black Thursday" style thread? You keep calling rate cut everyday and one day you'll be right.
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    Uh, that's not how it works. He would go visit them personally. Gee, I wonder where he is right now...
  9. Is the Fed waiting for the moment the Dow hits 12499 to cut?
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    Unbelievable - You people are completely delusional if you think the FED is going to do a surprise rate cut. Think of the world-wide ramifications of that type of action.

    Best of luck with that!
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