Surprise fed meeting?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ertrader, Jul 23, 2002.

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    I can see your point. However, these car makers have another thing coming. The demand will not be there for long. There will be a severe drop off in demand and they will be caught will a whole lotta inv. If inflation does rear its ugly head it will be due to high energy prices and you know what happens when you mix that with a stagnate economy......STAGFLATION baby. The feds are between a rock and a hard place imo.
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  2. right on point...... Stagflation and that is where we are headed.
    That is why the gov. is worried and scrambling to pass stupid market reform.

    As soon as we hit IRAQ, say hello to higher energyprices.....and say hello to price inflation in consumer goods.....say hello to the housing buble burst and say hello to the average joe and his deep leveraged life to come crashing down.

    Then i say "bottom"

    We are getting close
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  3. cutting rate...psychological boost maybe...but I don't know if it will really help...debt is being written off at record rates as it is, so, what's another 1/4 point reduction going to do? Maybe alot. I don't know.

    If they're meeting, a rate cut is probably item 3 on the list. Getting cash (i.e. guaranteeing) into the hands of banks and brokerage houses is probably closer to number 1; or, at least, closely assessing the situation. If C folds, wow...could we be looking at dominoes?

    When traders are the few people making any money, look out. They're going to hate us. Better be generous.
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    Bush added to the economic problems with his extreme protectionist tariffs and regulations (steel, lumber, etc.) How can this guy be for world trade and then do this? get votes from the states that manufacture those materials.

    Has anyone else noticed the massive death spiral of the oil indices? I'm not sure that it is just due to the recent acctg irregularities. Just maybe it is the market setting up for the war (sooner than anyone thought). Same thing happened just before Iraq invaded Kuwait (remember?).
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    We are on the same page my man. I totally agree with the highly leveraged joe public. We just came off a huge economic expansion cycle, and cosumer debt is at an all-time high. What's going to happen through the economic contraction cycle? People will magically pay off their debt with good looks? Puuleeze. Not sure how close we are to a bottom but most bear markets are proportional to the bull that preceeded it. The market will go down to 1994 levels at a minimum in my opinion.
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  6. seems like they'd be spiking if there were a threat to oil supplies.

    Sleeper of the decade (at least): Former USSR oil reserves. Pray for good relations with them, and a fair and honest leader in their land.

    The President, who everyone loves to blame for everything --stop here: how <i>bloody ridiculous</i> to blame him for the crash caused by dysfunctional valuations -- is smart enough to have Mr. Putin to his ranch, cruise him around in his Ford, and talk about OIL (and jalapeno's, too, maybe).

    Someday even the most diehard leftist will have to admit GWB is the man for the hour. You read it here first.
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  7. But check out this email from Waxie dated exactly one month ago.....

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    > A LARGE bank goes under in next 6 - 12 months. JPM
    > is my leading contender at this point (yes,thats JP Morgan
    > CHASE!).
    > DOW sees 5000s
    > Nasdaq sees well under 1000 (almost a sure thing!)

    The guy has been on track lately I'll have to admit
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  8. And you are certain, of course, that this was his idea..
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    We need to start building nuclear power plants like there's no tomorrow, and without undue regulation and litigation.
    No Middle East, no smoke, no soot, no hydrocarbons, no greenhouse effect, no dependance.
    Just an unlimited supply of cheap, clean power.
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    Whoa...Ease up there daniel......

    My pedigree is mostly Republican, but I'm not the country's biggest Bush, Jr. fan. However, if you blame him for the bad, shouldn't you also (in the interests of fairness) credit him for the good?:cool:

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