Surprise fed meeting?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ertrader, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Rumors are about ....all over the floor and on kudlo,,,,,Fed is meeting under Iron Clade>???? is this true

    and the dollar move today to the upside was huge.....why is this?
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    could have somthing to do with the citi, jpm fiasco...maybe worried about banks,,,,after they get the scandals aside, they get to deal with bad debts.
  3. interesting
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    What exactly could greenie say to provide support for the markets? He has tried several times and wasn't accepted well by the mkts, same thing for our "great president" so what exactly can they do??? Not much - imho.
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    One of the worst kept secrets has been JPM's exposure to derivatives (especially gold) to the tune of a trillion dollars. Don't know anything about this particular rumour though.
  6. something big happened to spike the dollar up and to crush the entire gold stock sector at once.
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    I don't know of any information of a meeting but if the feds do come out with a surprise rate cut, that would mean that they are specifically targeting the stock market. I really don't think it would make a difference though, despite a short term rally, the economy has just too much overcapacity to deal with. Besides, GSPan should save his bullets, his chamber is running low.

  8. So can anyone see this...JPM = Barings??
  9. the rumor is devastating. the fact is the kiss of death, no?

    Does the old saw, 'don't fight the Fed' still hold?
  10. why does everyone think they will cut rates? Did the fact that Ford and GM's announcement to raise the cost of their cars in 2003 hint of inflation..

    Watch the CPI and PPI numbers the next few months. I smell inflation and Ford has let out the odor

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