Surprise...Canadians becoming more conservative

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    If the recent Conservative Party majority win weren't proof enough, an annual poll for a think tank headed up by former Reformer Preston Manning has found, yet again, conservatism is becoming mainstream in Canada.

    "A unique strain of conservatism -- combining free market principles, moderation, incrementalism and social justice -- has become mainstream,"

    Not only did the poll find, according to the Manning Centre, Canadians are becoming more conservative, they also want their government to move away from pursuing grand visions and designs for society.

    Instead, the poll found Canadians would like to increasingly take care of themselves.

    Indeed, 67% believe government should get smaller.

    "Canadians, across party lines, simply don't believe that governments can, or should, play a major role in their day-to-day lives; the one exception being safety and security," Manning said.
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    Max E.

    Good news for Canada.
  3. This is great news if it is true. Perhaps the socialist experiment started almost 100 years ago is coming apart at the seams.

    This kind of sea-change has to happen eventually by the laws of physics. At the end of the day, someone actually has to pick up the tab, we can't all be victims.
  4. and of course health care:
    In a new, bi-national opinion poll done by Canada’s CTV television network and the national newspaper Globe & Mail, 91 percent of Canadians said they prefered their national health care system over America’s pseudo-private system.
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    Max E.

    It would be more interesting to see a poll of people who have to go to the hospital for major work in either country.

    Of course people love the system of dropping into the doctor whenever you have a runny nose and not paying a bill for it. (though it gets billed through taxes.)

    U.S. healthcare is the best in the world if you are smart and pay for insurance.

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    Max E.

    Canadians dont pay for U.S. healthcare. If a person had money to spend and had cancer which country do you think they would rather be in?

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    An excellent question. I myself went to Costa Rica for work. They're all American doctors there anyway, at half price.
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    we should make a chart of canadiens living near the border with disposable income.

    that would be a far more telling chart.
  10. Indeed, it is also my impression that Canadians generally prefer their healthcare system over most others. A country doesn't need to subscribe to EVERY "conservative" viewpoint to prefer conservatism in general.

    The majority of Canadians are also pro-choice, pro-gay marriage. I think we have an incredible balance right now with the country being center on social policies, and to the right economically.

    As long as taxes decrease and government shrinks, I'm a happy camper.
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