SuriNote's book worth it?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by acerbits, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. thinking about buying Suri's book as a handbook on chart patterns, anyone that read the book think it's worth while?
  2. Absolutely, 100%.

  3. erd0c


    I'm really really new to this trading thing. I have to say, it is eye opening.
    Very direct, no non-sense chart patterns.
    pattern - entry/exit
    pattern - entry/exit

    Good blibliography and references to where the ideas originated, so if you want to research them you can.

  4. i bought it, it's very practical from the trader's point of view with entry, stop and target levels; it'll be much better if the illustrations can be in candlesticks format (i like candles:) )
  5. Just ordered it 5 minutes ago, how long does it take to ship to canada?
  6. i got my book within 10 days (destination: Hong Kong), for Canada, i think maybe within 7 days