surge and backup all in one???

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    Hey guys, i am in serach of a surge protector and a backup as well, i guess i wouldnt need too much time as far as the battery is concerned, maybe 30 min so that i can close out positions and shut down properly. NOW im also looking for a surge protector that is built in, and the kicker is im also looking for one where i can plug my phone and my cable modem connection before it goes to the cable modem. Any suggestion guys??? thnx a bunch:cool:
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    I use the APCC 500VA which has the features that you are looking for. Don't remember how long it lasts (10 minutes) it is then plugged into my old surge protector since what does one do with two surge protectors.

    Think it was about $60 give or take $20 a year or two back.

    There is one comm port in the back, I don't know if they make a cable adaptor for that.

    I would also recommend the kool-aid safety screen if you don't want sticky keys like I have.:p
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    APC seems to be the higher quality solution on the low end: Especially if your platform is Windows since their software better integrates with the OS than most others.

    We have used several brands on the low end - cyberpower, APC, others. In nearly every case where we bought cheaper alternatives - APC is a bit more than other brands - we have had poor reliability. That is, power regulation failures, com port failures, poor battery life etc. APC seems to have better engineering on their power regulation and thermal characteristics ....

    APC also has excellent solutions for more demanding applications, although if you were building a computer room you would have other vendor choices......
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    I second the praise for APC's. I've worked with many enterprise customers on their computer network systems and the primary battery backup brand is APC.
  5. I have an apc 350 ....pretty good
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    Everyone should have one.
    For a simple PC at home office, these (APC and others) are good enough.
    I got good surge and even more often low voltage protection from these.

    I doubt these solutions have long lasting batteries. It does not really matter. I suggest you test it once a quarter at least (just unplug the main AC outlet and check if the unit works as expected). Better check when you can't lose an money because of an outage.

    You must take a battery system with enough power for your PC AND your screen. it Sounds obvious but the cheapest can't handle both.

    Talking about backup, be sure to have a phone modem account (or DSL). Your battery is worth nothing if you can't reach anyone, so be sure to have an internet connection operational even when no electricity is available.

  10. APC Back UPS ES series 500 VA , 12-9 min. runtime with a 17' monitor, surge protection for PC, peripherals and phone, about $65. It looks like a surge protector. I don't think you can find something that will run 30 min. without paying several hundreds.
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