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  1. where is a good place that i can surf and trade.
    Hawaii and Cali come to mind but i am not a US citizen. Aussie comes to mind as well, but the surfing regions are rather rural.
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    Bali if you are not a scalper (poor internet connection).
  3. the infrastructure has to be very good
  4. how about costa rica?
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    Australia, South Africa, France...

  6. I live very close (<1 mile) to quite a few good spots and surf nearly everyday (conditions allowing)... I also trade fully automated arb. strats intraday.

    After having traveled the world over and surfed some of the best waves in indo, tahiti, mex etc, I decided to make my home on the central coast of California. Its not cheap where I live ( 750k USD will maybe get you into a 3bd/2ba home in a decent location), but, its one of the most beautiful places in the world plus it has all the 1st world amenities. Good schools, safe, clean etc. I would never move out of coastal CA, the surf and weather are fantastic.

    The surf is consistent here and you can find very good uncrowded waves. Do note we have had 2 great white fatalities in the last couple years. Whitey is in full force in most of the waters around here.
  7. thats very interesting about your life!

    is there a surfer x trader community ?
  8. Thanks. Not sure about the community aspect. I have some trader/finance friends locally, but they don't surf. A few guys I know made their money in NYC and moved here to start a family and trade for themselves.

    A lot of people surf here so its a broad community, you'll find everyone on the socio-economic spectrum in the water.
  9. damn, that sounds like the kinda life i wanna pursue.

    lets surf if i ever have a chance to visit that space
  10. i recently heard that Greece and Italy have some great surf spots?

    but i would prefer a tropical country where i can just go with my shorts
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