Surfer's cleaning the trading room--FINALLY!

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  1. cleaning out the trading room, ran across these 3 books that i thought someone may like:

    1. encyclopedia of chart patterns, 2nd edition, bulkowski--- perfect condition, like new-- retails $99.00----.

    2. encyclopedia of spreads--moore research, perfect condition, like new--retails $90.00 ---

    3. schwager on futures-technical analysis- slightly used--i believe this retailed for $100.00, missing dust jacket--

    buy all 3 for $110.00 including shipping--- not for sale separately

  2. i found a video tape buried in trade confirmations.....

    Trillion Dollar Bet--- the story of LTCM----VHS

    original in original box.

    FREE BONUS with above books.
  3. Choad


    Did you ever sell all of those "original" PTJ tapes?

    Heh. Juz kiddin' Surfy! :p
  4. i'll trade ya...

    i was cleaning out my trading room too and found a pack of chewing gum with 3 sticks still inside, unused...also found a Pristine Trading ball point pen i got at the very first Daytrading Expo back then...still works!

  5. now, a pristine crystal ball and you just may have a deal!

  6. mizer


    What happened Surf, you lost ur rent monies on friday? LOL:D
  7. Banjo


    Do you have a couch, I need a trading couch.
  8. I've got a pillow case full of navel lint from the ladies I've known.... that worth any thing?

  9. yes, how is roche bobois? my trading couch. LOL !

    surf:p :D
  10. Banjo


    Lol, we need it for nitro , he wants a couch and then we can get a couch icon.
    #10     Jan 23, 2006