surfer nailed moved today in YM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, May 6, 2008.

  1. Nice call on the YM. Not to rain on your parade as you do make fine calls from time to time but if you are are going to post a new thread when you make a good call, how about some follow up analysis when your calls don't work out. One in mind is your oil short at $115 that was going to head to sub $100. Just a suggestion, nothing personal. Would like to hear your analysis on this and if you have any insight on the propping/speculation going on in that market.
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    what if there aren't any?
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  4. thanks ST.

    yeah, simply misinterpretation in the oil space. i really dont have a bias here, need to start over again with the studies.

    best, surf
  5. Thank you MarketSurfer. It's good that you do post though and make your calls before they happen from what I have seen. Nobody is perfect all the time and mistakes are fine as long as you learn from them and that is what ET is for, isn't it?
  6. so you can flip a coin, big deal.

    Your analysis is wrong anyways. It's all relative.

    You said you took the trade. Show us your P&L from it.

    I don't think you had the grapefruits to.
  7. yeah, OIL hasn't hit 125 yet. Although it looks a little bleak for my prjoection, still in play here

    suggest stops at 126 on this one if anyone is playing along.

    suggest holding YM LONG


  8. closing YM LONGS HERE. going flat
  9. You're a genius
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