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Discussion in 'Journals' started by marketsurfer, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. marketsurfer

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    Welcome to my new journal. We will be trading the YM, CL and individual stocks. Right now the portfolio consists of

    Herbalife-- Short

    Fifth Street Financial -- Long

    Educational Realty Trust-- Long

    The YM short position has been closed at a loss earlier.

    Stay tuned for the next surf alert.

  2. cornix


    Good luck, Surf! Cut your losses, ride your winners! :)
  3. marketsurfer

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    Surf Alert

    Entering long CL 10 contracts @ 95.36 stops @ 94.95
  4. marketsurfer

    marketsurfer Sponsor

    Ouch, that was a quick loss. ( stops too tight) Back long 10 contracts @ 94.97 for the obvious bounce into close.

  5. Pekelo


  6. marketsurfer

    marketsurfer Sponsor

    If not today, it will be a solid winner tomorrow. PD's are at 7 bullish for CL right now.
  7. Hi surf,glad your at it again.

    I won`t wish you good luck thoufgh,but a little critic instead!The average 'daily noise' is about .35 cents now and your placing stops just right withing the noise bands.You shoulda place stops way wider,even though you woulda lost a bit more:eek: :D
  8. Holy crap..Again your wrong.CL goes right towards the 90.5 mark during the next few weeks.Sell on bounces.
  9. Lucrum


    What with this being a journal and all, how many points loss was that one anyway?
  10. Daring


    Same OP, same participants, same attitude.

    Nothing has changed or will change.
    #10     Apr 3, 2013
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