Surfcasting rod recommendations

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  1. Dear Brethren,

    I'm looking to purchase a new saltwater surfcasting rod and reel, as my last one just turned 13 and it's time to retire it. I'm looking to spend between $150-200, and want a pre-matched combo.

    There are 3 things I'm looking for:

    -relatively light line weight (12-15lb test)
    -a longer rod in the 10-12 foot range
    -bias towards lighter lures (1-2oz) since that is what I have already

    Like I said, I haven't been in the market for one in some time, but I looked at Cabela's site recently, and found these combos, which look pretty nice:

    (The entire listing of all saltwater rod/reel combos is here):

    Anyone have experience with these brands or combos? I'm looking for a really long casting setup for striped bass, bluefish, and tuna. I'd prefer a lighter line weight and thus the ability to throw out smaller lures.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. i don't go fishing because i don't want to hurt the fish...or the worms.

    FRuiTY P.
  4. bung,

    i am a surfcasting maniac. the best rod by far is St. Croix and more specifically anything from the "ben doerr" surf system.


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  6. :D word.

    i'm checking the st croix rods now, but i'm finding that the aussie alvey brand reels are pretty far out...they claim to be the farthest casting reels made -- ever try them??

    they also seem pretty bulletproof...they've got a pic of one sitting in the surf with the waves passing over it...sounds like my kinda reel. i hate wading in and having to hold my reel over the surface...half the time if i'm unhooking a fish or even switching baits my reel goes under...
  7. i have never even heard of alvey untill now. thanks ! my only caveat would be retrieval--- they look like they are 1 to 1 geared which means winding in would be brutal. my current reels are 4 to1 and 6 to1. it would be cool to check these out, however. let me know if you get one.

  8. that's what I thought at first, too, but then I looked closer and realized that the reel spool diameter for the 2 saltwater surf reels are 5 1/2" and 6 1/2"....using 2*pi*radius, that means that each turn of the crank on the 6.5" reel will take in about 20 inches of line (when the reel is fully loaded)...reconciling this with their one geared reel, which is 2:1 and according to them that one pulls in 36" of line with each turn, the 6.5 inch reel brings in about 18" of line with each turn...

    so if you have a standard reel like yours with a 1.5" diam spool (just an estimate), the 4:1 ratio brings in about 19" with each crank, and the 6:1 does about 28" per crank. these estimates are probably on the high side. of course you could just get your reel out and measure it yourself with a black magic marker (it'd be great to know how much line they are actually taking in anyway -- if you knew this you could even estimate how far you're casting with them).

    it makes their geared reel pulling in 36" seem like a reel monster...:D

    which st. croix rods do you like?? they seem a bit out of my price range, but maybe i can get one on ebay or something if you can tell me what i'm looking for...

    i'd like something that can throw 3/4oz - 3oz (the lighter end is more important to me)....
  9. yeah, i think you are right about the reels. i have three of the st croix surf rods--light , medium light and medium. they are guaranteed for life so it makes the cost worth it imho.