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  1. the mighty surf report, the 2nd most read journal in the history of ET with over 600k views has been CLOSED by an over zealous moderator who doesnt understand the connection between this election and the markets. i am APOLITICAL understand APOLITICAL--- i don't care about politics--- my interest is only insofar as it effects the financial markets--which was reflected in my journal in a clear and concise manner.

    the moderator repeats the same thing indicating a lack of understanding and an ability to discern political rants from market/political observations.

    i humbly request that management take a look at this unfair situation and rectify it.

    regards, surf
  2. Surf, I've met you and you seem like a pretty good guy in person. However, the rules exist for a reason, and we all need to abide by them. Some food for thought ...

    Opening your rant with a patently false statement automatically alerts the reader to expect similar erroneous and incorrect assertions to follow. Your Journal, although widely read, doesn't come close to being the second most widely read, this year - let alone all time.

    Perhaps, you've inadvertantly misinterpreted other aspects of this current exchange between you and a long time moderator - in addition to the popularity of your thread.

    Besides, in the words of Jim Croce ...

    "You don't tug on Superman's Cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with him (Magna). Do do do N Do Do."

    - Spydertrader
  3. The Surf Report marketsurfer 6972 625985
    your ok yourself, spydertrader, but your allegation is frankly bizzare. here is the most read journals sorted, note position of report. thanks.
  4. See attached Screen Capture of Current Journals section. Note. Current journals do not include closed threads. By example, My Journal from last year received well over 1 million hits, and the P & L Thread did more than that. So, once again, your facts about being Number Two all time are in error.

    Nothing Bizarre about it.

    - Spydertrader

    <img src=>

  5. hmmm, why do those threads 2 and 3 not show up on the link when the program sorts by most viewed? if this is an error in the program, i am happy to say that the surf report is ranked number 4 of all time views on elite trader per your screen capture.

    my statements, in this regard, are only as good as the data provided and don't contain any neofarious or underhanded intent.

    regardless of #4 or #2--- the journal was closed due to an over zealous moderator acting on his own opinions regardless of relevance to the journal ethos.

    i humbly request a review of this decision by management

  6. And here is a sreen capture of Two of my closed threads which also show greater numbers of page views than your current thread.

    <img src=>

    So, once again, your assertion of having the "second most widely read Journal all time" doesn't quite pan out. Widely read, yes. Second Highest viewership all-time, no.

    - Spydertrader
  7. Let's not blame the data.

    My point which you now have proven for me was simply this ...

    If you can misunderstand a simply ranking of page views, perhaps you misinterpreted something else - specifically, your exchange with Magna.

    - Spydertrader
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    Patently false statements and broken promises are fairly commonplace with Marketsurfer. Of the 13 journals with over 400,000 views the so-called "mighty" surf report, started years before all the others, still only falls below middle of the pack 8th on the list. And with a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

    I know you like to repeat this false claim, yet you have posted in the Politics & Religion forum dozens and dozens of times, giving your opinion on many political subjects. You have also posted political diatribes in your journal and the Economics forums many times.

    Bottom line, a simple request has been made of you many times to keep political discussion in the Politics & Religion forum and out of your trading journal. The same request that ALL other journalists abide by without any difficulty whatsoever. And yet like so many other instances over the years you have felt abve the fray and you have ignored or purposely violated ET policy. You've been banned in the past, your journal has been shutdown a couple of times. And yet you feel special privilege, that we somehow owe you the right to say and do whatever you want. Best that you take that notion somewhere else where people won't mind you doing and saying whatever you please.

    Being the drama-queen that you are, this time titling a thread Surf Report Closed By Zealous Mod I want to make it clear to those who may not be familiar with your flair for melodramatic whine that it was shut down, not because of you ignoring my requests, but because of your own words in your last post:

    My post closing the journal explains the situation:

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  10. Smurf tried that, he started his own message board, and FAILED.
    So he's back, whinier than ever.

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