Suretrader has vanished

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dreturns, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. dreturns


    Cant connect to the price servers, web site wont respond, phone isn't answered. Sure hope its only a tech issue. Anyone else can confirm?
  2. Website works for me. Maybe one of the DNS is down for you or your provider.
  3. dreturns


    Good idea. Thanks for checking Verizon and Day jobs network cant resolve the name. An Att smartphone can get to the website. Whew.
  4. dreturns


    Just to follow up. Verizon support also cant get to web site, they suspect its more with the source. Suretrader did issue a message on how to connect the app to the backup servers around 10:10 or so
  5. cybat

    cybat owner) webpage is also down
  6. cybat


    where I can see that suretrader message?
    Why they have a twitter account,if they don't use it in the situation like that.
    I am getting tired off that POS broker
  7. dreturns


    You had to be lucky enough to log into the app. They sent an internal message.....not thought out well, how can you change an IP, if you cant get the message.

    I did get a reply to my email sent to @ 10:30:
    Please be advised that our server is currently down. Our service providers are working effortlessly to rectify this issue. We estimate that the system will be back up within an hour. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

    English is not the first language....working effortlessly? That means according to the dictionary: involving or appearing to involve little or no effort
  8. I think they meant to say tirelessly. You are correct it is an error in language.