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  1. hey, im at speedtrader now and i love it. i strongly suggested it to my canadian friend, but for some reasons, he can't join them because he's canadian. i suggested speedtrader because i really like their platform. i found out that the owner of speedtrader opened an offshore broker dealer, suretrader. i think my canadian friend can sign up there, but does anyone know anything else about them?
  2. Yeah I heard about them too. I actually signed up and should be funding the account this week. It was the platform that attracted me as well. But I really got pleasantly surprised when I learned about the PDT rules (or lack thereof). Only funding it with 10k for now so I'll see if the PDT stuff is really true. But they seem to have their stuff together...

    We'll see...

  3. I`m looking to open an account with them aswell, they are only for Canadians & other international customers. They have two platforms, one free web-based and the other pro version which is a DAS platform i think.

    The way i understand it (havn`t asked them yet) you get 6:1 leverage with a $2000 minimum balance.

    Going to mail them some questions this week and will let you know what i think.
  4. btw, does anyone know how they clear their trades? Are they self clearing or do they use a firm?
  5. hitnrun


    calling them should answer your questions
  6. If you're talking about suretrader, I have an account with them and they clear through Penson (yeah sucks I know :mad: )... But I think they give you a choice for Legent as well (Im not sure).
  7. interesting, when i initially contacted them, they only mentioned penson. do you know anything else about them using legent? did they just start this?
  8. Hi John and thx for the fast reply,

    Interesting with the Legent option, i`m going to ask them about this when i contact them later this week.

    So, are you satisfied with them so far and what do you think about their trading software?

    Does the PDT rule applies with them?

  9. You folks realize suretrader isn't SIPC insured right?

    The site says "Securities Commission of the BAHAMAS".

    At the bottom of their home page it also has a logo.
  10. SIPC is only in the USA. If suretrader is in the Bahamas, doesn't it make sense that they would be covered by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas? At first I lol'd at the godaddy logo but then I clicked it and it's just for extra security from godaddy
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