Surely the ET klannish goon teabaggers will elevate this fool to hero status...

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  1. (...another outraged pissed off white guy wants to fly a plane to be flown into a building...)

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    NEW CASTLE, Del. — Police in Delaware say a man angry about his sewer bill was arrested after he suggested someone should crash a plane into a county government center.

    New Castle County police say 45-year-old Darren Spayd of Newark got upset Tuesday after being assessed a late fee.

    Police say he started cursing at county workers and threw the change he had received back at one. Police say several employees overheard him suggesting someone should fly a plane into the building.

    A Texas man angry with the Internal Revenue Service recently flew a plane into an office building in Austin, killing himself and one IRS employee.

    Spayd was charged with disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening. He was released on $2,500 bail and ordered to have no contact with the government center. No phone number was listed for him.

    Now, if this guy had been Muslim and not an average white mail, and if that Muslim had said someone should crash a plane into a county government center...would he be free on $2,500 bail?
  2. If the muslim were a US Citizen, yes. It's the non-citizens that should (but don't) have the problem.
  3. LOL!, Nice title :D
  4. Honestly when big brother starts arresting people over bs like this it's hard to get outraged when people lash back in anyway they can.
  5. An outright lie, of course. The lying around here is at epidemic proportions...

    I have a problem with anyone wanting to fly a plane into a government building...

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    OK does anybody else find this freaky? :eek: