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    So I got an email from ET promoting these guys. They say they make 300% *EVERY MONTH*. There's no performance data on the page. They promise money back if the month is negative (30 days since your subscription). Another question, can anyone advertise on ET as long as they pay? Is there any kind of discretion as to who is allowed to advertise?
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    Those that pay get to advertise. Those that don't pay don't get to advertise.
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    That site has too many ambiguous weasel words and promises for my taste. It looks like a crock.
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    That's what I thought. I wonder if someone was pimping a service with 100% wins and they guaranteed to make you a millionaire in 2 months and... THEY PAID - their ad would be accepted too, right? :)
  5. I got the same email, and signed up for the one week trial to see what they're about. No info about past performance, or anything else for that matter, on their website.

    I got text messages today for the two trades they called. The first one hit the profit target of eight points (ES), second was stopped out for plus 2.5 after almost hitting the target.

    So the first day of me following they were up 10.5, let's see what tomorrow brings...
  6. In for results.

    Did they give you the trades in good time for you to place them yourself, or were they like "yeah, 15 minutes ago we bought ES (when it was 4 points lower than it is now)."?
  7. The text messages gave entries at market, then were followed by a text with "actual" entry price, usually within a couple minutes of the initial call. So it does give a little "wiggle" room for price improvement to validate the call, but so far entries look realistic. I would prefer an IM or chat setup for signals as other rooms use, as cellular service can lag. Maybe that comes after you pony up the $299 monthly fee, but no info on the website about those alternatives.

    One call so far today (9/13), a buy at 1156.50 in the premarket that was stopped out within minutes for a six point loss.

    Will keep you posted...
  8. The one call for the day was the long at 56.5 at 7:40am EST, which was stopped out for minus six points. There was an alert to prepare to sell around noon, but no call was given for that trade. So the room is +4.5 so far this week on three trades, with two winners and one loser.
  9. One call for the day, a sell at 1159 (10:20 EST) that was stopped out for a six point loss. The odd thing is that the "prepare to sell" message came at 9:57 as ES was headed down, but the signal didn't go out until almost the end of the run, by which point it was too late. It looked like they might squeak out a winner, but the Support at 55 made it a no-go.

    So after three days of watching it's two winners, two losers, with a net loss of 1.5 points. The moderator sent a text at the end of the day saying this was the first time he has had two losing days in a row, followed by another stating that he was "90% certain that Thursday and Friday would be profitable." :confused:
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    That's good enough for me; I'm going 100% long now!
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