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  1. This is the thread for sure thing stock trades. Sure things only, please.

    First sure thing:

    Blythe Industries (not to be confused with Bluth Industries from Arrested Dev.)

    The stock is in the MLM industry ie ponzi scheme or pyramid operation. Protein shake ponzi scheme. This is, not surprisingly, very lucrative. Earnings have quintupled (I am not making this up) and are hiked virtually every quarter. The company is run by three young men of ambiguous sexuality, and they look like the sort of people who would throw grandma off the train to sell another box of shake mix. Definitely the sort of people you want running your MLM ponzi scheme.

    One small problem is massive overhead from $45 to $60. That is a concern but it being worked off as we speak.

    This is, as the thread title suggests, a sure thing.
  2. BTH up $7 in premarket on announcement of protein shake IPO.
  3. Now up $9. I will stop hyping this sure thing after this post, but this sure thing was delivered as advertized. I should be charging for this.
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    Second sure thing is that you are not so 'smart' if you think the mlm industry is the same thing as a ponzi or pyramid scheme... Educate yourself...
  5. I have my money in the MLM industry so I agree with you to a degree. A ponzi scheme eventually runs out of suckers. MLM never seems to run out of suckers, so it is a sustainable business. But it is undeniable that much of the inventory is not sold to consumers but to the distributors, who may never sell it to customers. In other words, the distributors are the real customers. Ultimately they're selling hope, and there's nothing illegal about that.
  6. good call
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    It's not my intention to go off topic with your thread, so I apologize for my answer in advance :

    First a disclosure: I have an Amway business since 1997 and that is the reason I must answer to let people know that they are not 'suckers' when they start their own Amway business.

    You have a point with your explanation, but... What you describe is the usage of a company to run a legal piramid scheme under the umbrella: It's okay, it's mlm. Most of these companys will disappear over the years because they will run out of 'suckers' or the goverment will shut them down.

    A legit mlm company and their distributors need to sell the products to a costumer to make serious money and to be legit.
  8. lol
  9. Agreed which is why people talking about Herbalife as if it is doing something wrong is so tiresome. HLF has been in business forever, it's a legit business.
  10. I think I'm going to regret calling this the "sure thing" thread. There isn't going to be much slack from posters if a sure thing misses.

    Sure thing #2:

    SCMR at $14.57

    You all remember Sycamore. Anyway, it now trades roughly in line with its cash balances. It has a last, hail mary product called IQstream which is in trials with VOD. Could be worth $5+ in earnings. The product is a way to handle backhaul for wireless companies that doesn't involve more spectrum or more fiber. There is reason to believe (not to reveal my sources) that this is money good and should be revealed soon, perhaps at the next earnings in Sept. Trading earnings is not usually a good idea, but I think the risk/reward here is extra favorable. I'd say there is a 5:1 risk/reward at this point, so even if Iqstream doesn't pan out, the cash balances provides downside cushion (not that stocks don't regularly trade through cash).
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