Sure I am not liked, but for a Black man I am OK, right

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  1. I am black and into trading

    cut me some slack people :p
  2. considering what you people did to me, no wonder I turned out quirky :p
  3. wasn't it Thomas Jefferson who said

    Judge not least YE be judged :p
  4. so I spell paid with payed

    cut me some slack, grew up in government subsidized bathrooms OKAY
  5. I mean I would like to see you beautiful rich white ET people

    I would like to see you grow up in government subsidized bathrooms

    and then talk to me :p
  6. and don't expect me to believe that its a coincidence that NONE OF YOU LIKE ME AND I TURN OUT TO BE BLACK

    :mad: :p
  7. IQ139


    I never said I didn't like you

    I always liked you, I liked you a lot

    I have black friends, Mandebrot, tell them how you are my friend
  8. you are just saying that now, you make me sick

    its people like you who gave hitler his power

    its people like you who give Dalai Lama his power
  9. IQ139


    what do you want me to do huh

    how do I prove myself to you

    do you want my blood huh

    what do you want ????

    do you want my seamen, is that what you want ??
  10. I just don't want your pretense

    but I'll take your seamen for exchange
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