SURE cure for Obesity (Fatties)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Humpy, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Humpy


    If there was a monthly hunt for the most over=weight person in each State and they were taken to Edwards USAAF base, they could all be transported to 50,000 feet over the current enemy and dropped !!!!!!!! SPLATTTTTTTTTTT
    Arnie could push them out poisonally
    The obesity problem of the USA would soon be solved
    Better warn the Taliban LOL
  2. Humpy


    pour encourager les autres !
    might just solve Europe's obesity problem too. Most US fads come over to Europe.
    What did we ever do to you guys. We gave you our "poor etc"
    Gratitude or what ?
    You have given us greed, lust, drugs, AIDS, over consumption, Hollywood and Mickey Mouse.

    Hasta La Vista fatsoes
  3. Humpy


    OK so I was kidding about making the ultra overweight take a flying lesson, but they could be taken off to BOOT camp for a couple of months. Might even appreciate it, coming back with a trim figure !
    Could catch on - imagine TV pictures of them being carted off - some on a forklift probably. The before and after pics should sell well too.
    TV moguls listen up - there's MONEY to be made here
  4. a new study has been made in the uk and has found out that in less than a decade a whopping 70% of the entire population will be overweight.
    that's an ugly prospect...and all this cuz of lack of education in aliments and healthy eating.