Suprise Rate Cut by the Fed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. capmac


    You're going to be hearing these words very soon all across the media...

    That, or Bin Laden has been sighted...

  2. I would have to agree.
  3. But is it a surprise rate cut if everyone knows its coming?
  4. S2007S


    Another Surprise rate cut???? For what reason, the market has already seen rates cut several times and everytime it leads to nothing but more downward pressure on the economy and stock market. I remember back in Oct 2007 everyone here and all the talking heads were talking about taking positions in equities and that fighting the fed would cost you money by not being invested, well look what has happened over the last 3 months. Cutting the rates WILL DO NOTHING AT THIS MOMENT, the only thing that is going to fix these problems is TIME........

    Cutting the rates back in 2000-2001 is what CAUSED this to happen today, you can disagree all you want but its the truth, making liquidity available like they did and making it easy for anyone to borrow money is what caused these problems, there is no solution for this, cutting rates is only going to do worse......inflation is running higher and higher as the economy gets slower and slower....anyone who thinks rate cuts are going to help this economy is foolish.
  5. Not this time. What little ammo is left needs to be saved.
  6. You're not going to hear surprise rate cut, so get it out of your head. How many of these threads do we need, anyway?

    For all the rate cuts the market got, we're considerably lower than before the cutting. The Fed is a lot smarter than you guys (including me) despite all the posts saying otherwise. They know this.