Supreme Court will uphold Obamacare ruling 5 to 4

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. 377OHMS


    I say Supremes will be 5 to 4 in favor of upholding the ruling to void Obamacare.

    Liberal shrieking, howling, foaming and fulminating to commence :D

  2. pspr


    It won't be until 2012 or later before the Supreme Court even sees this case. But, so far the early major battles have the Allies winning against the Axis of Evil.
  3. rc8222


    The Supreme Court will get this case in early 2012, and their ruling will be released shortly before the Nov. elections. I can't think of a better time for their ruling to crush Obamacare. Obama will then lose his ass in the election, and be the one term loser we all said he would be.
    The conservatives have a 5-4 majority on the high court. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who would be considered the swing vote, sides with the conservative justices on most decisions. Even better, Kennedy cannot stand Obama. A few months ago, I had read a quote from Kennedy stating, "As long as Obama's in office, I won't retire." That comment speaks volumes!!!! lol :D