Supreme Court Upholds Right to Own A Gun

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  1. While the Supreme Court's current term has been dismal, at least they got the last case of the term correct. In yet another 5-4 ruling, they upheld the Court of Appeals ruling that overturned the District of Columbia's draconian gun ban.

    No doubt we will face years of future litigation, as the hard left wackos on the DC Council will do everything in their power to subvert the ruling. Other than abortion on demand and racial quotas, nothing is dearer to the left's heart than gun control.

    Under the Court's decision, a city cannot bar residents from owning firearms and keeping them in their homes. Apparently cities will be able to require licensing and registration, which of course will facilitate confiscation of personal weapons if a future president can replace one of the conservative justices.
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    I agree with the ruling, and I also agree that it's a close issue as displayed by the close 5-4 ruling.

  3. You worry about guns being confiscated, yet you support an administration that illegally spies and wiretaps it's citizens? I have respected you as a thinker as opposed to left or right on command. You have had some good ideas, but you seem to be getting a bit more polarized, that's too bad.

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  5. I'm not sure what gave you the idea that I support the adminstration. In fact, I am hugely disappointed in them.

    I will admit I'm not as concerned about the wiretapping as you seem to be, if you are referring to the monitoring of overseas calls instituted in the wake of 9/11. I am a bit more concerned about some of the domestic FBI searches, where they apparently misused anti-terrorism authority.

    All in all, I think the courts have encroached onto the Executive Branch's territory. I don't think you can have courts micromanaging either a war or overseas actions against terrorists. The rate we're going, i fully expect some judge to issue an injunction against the military bombing in Afghanistan because they might disturb some endangered species. They've already ordered the Navy to stop using sonar because it annoys whales.

    As for gun confiscation, yes I am very concerned about it. It is the first thing every dictatorship does. The police in NO tried to do it in the wake of Katrina before the courts stopped them. If they had a list of all gun owners, think how much easier for them to go out and confiscate the only means citizens had of protecting themselves. Why is it that liberals think a 12 or 13 year old girl whould be able to get an abortion without her parents knowing about it, but they don't trust law-abiding citizens to keep firearms in their own homes?
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    Critical decision. Anyone in American should appreciate the rights they have, almost no other country legally recognises the absolute right to self-defence in this way.

    IMO a lot of de facto gun bans like NYC etc could be overturned after this.
  7. I don't own a gun, and I use to be of the belief that limiting access to guns would reduce gun violence. However, after living in Chicago for some time I soon discovered that my beliefs were bullshit.

    All gun restrictions do is limit access to citizens while the criminals know actions such as a home invasion will be less risky since the family does not own a gun.

    Places with the highest gun ownership also tend to be the safest oddly enough.

    It should be a law in every state that if you catch someone snooping in your home you can blow their brains out. Home invasions would fall to 0.
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    Absolutely G D right!
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