Supreme Court Overrules Sotomayor 60% of the time

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    Dershowitz said he has presented cases before Sotomayor several times. “She impressed me as a careful, thoughtful,
    very well-prepared judge. She asked very hard questions. Lawyers like hard questions. I think it’s a good choice.”

    Alan is my go to guy on Supreme court picks. I defer to him.
  2. Sotomayor's reported 60 percent reversal rate is lower than the overall Supreme Court reversal rate for all lower court decisions from the 2004 term through the present -- both overall and for each individual Supreme Court term. Using SCOTUSblog's data, Media Matters for America has also calculated the reversal rate for only federal appeals court decisions:

    Term Overall Lower Court Reversal Rate Circuit Court Reversal Rate

    2008 (preliminary through April 2009) 78% 85%

    2007 66% 61%

    2006 72% 72%

    2005 72% 77%

    2004 68% 73%

    2004-April 2009 71% 73%

    By this standard, Sotomayor is one of the best, having a much lower reversal rate than average.

    When everyone is batting below 300, someone who bats 350, while still strikes out more than half of the time, should be on the all star team.