Supreme Court just ripped away freedom

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    Orwell was just a few decades early. Big Brother is upon us.

    Not long until a national DNA database will be mandatory.
  2. Yep Clubber it's fixing to be the future, a few decades they'll be coming after us because it's in our DNA we will probably commit a crime. Don't know how to stop this but it is scary. I'm going to have to look up the breakdown of the vote to see who voted how.
    It seems with all the argueing on capital hill, something like this both sides could unite on to fight against. But that'll never happen.
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    You don't need a DNA test to see who is more likely to commit a crime. Just look at the color of their skin, they way they dress and the way they behave in that order. The police know this and every day the news proves this out. From illegal border crossing to murder, it's in your heritage and easily identifiable visually.

    That's not PC but it is the truth.
  4. How is this different from taking their fingerprints or a blood sample for a DUI?
  5. Just like Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff, Michael Milken, Bernie Ebbers, Dennis Kozlowski, Ted Bundy, OJ, and thousands more, maybe someone you know maybe you. Neighbors saying the alleged...murderer/robber/child abuser... seemed like a nice guy, kept to himself, kept his house neat and was a good working man is common after a crime.
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    The exception - not the rule.
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    This direction is natural to a character-centered perspective on deviance; to determine character you have to "look inside". It also creates all kinds of inconsistencies, like explaining the causes of world wars, where a structural perspective is obviously better suited.

    I'm sure it's merely coincidence that this latest time of divisiveness and partisanship is also a time of heightened inequality, just as it was coincidence back in the 1930s, and back in the 1880s, and so on.
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    Scalia sided with the chicks.
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    You can't predict disease or sickness from fingerprints. Who knows what they will be able to do with this info in the future.

    Get arrested for drunk driving/speeding and they check your DNA and it says you are likely to have/do XXXX. Well, its all for the common good, you know. We can't have people going around that are predisposed to XXX.

    This is NOT just like fingerprints

    PS: Do they keep a data base of blood samples?
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    I side with scalia and the chicks on this one too.

    It sucks that both the left are marching to towards bigger govt and lower liberty. We need more americans to understand govt is the biggest risk.

    And to answer AAA... although never have been pulled over for a DUI... I think its wrong any time the govt invades your body.

    Its sense it should be deeply unconstitutional to pull blood without permission. My blood is my property. If I am to be safe in my liberty and papers and thoughts... off course my blood should be safe.

    Fingerprints... forcing finger prints, I am against that too.
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