Supreme Court corrupted by corporate ...too!

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  1. It should have never been enacted. It was unconstitutional. Good they fixed it.

    Didn't stop Obama from spending $1B on his campaign anyway.
  2. Organized crime has evolved to become institutionalized crime. The rest of the world understands that freedom is just the first line of defense for how our gangsters do business.
  3. Yeah but all of Obama's money came from "small" donors. At least that was the lie that they spun. It turned out to be completely false.
  4. I must disagree with you on this one. Corp. America and the mega wealthy have way too much buying power in regard to proping up their own personal favorites. Campaign contributions and expenditures need to be capped and heavily regulated.
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    Whatr do you mean by; "freedom is just the first line of defense for how our gangsters do business"?
  6. Obama got all kinds of illegal money. Regulations don't work.

    Solution is to get rid of this Maifa organization we call the US Government as much as possible because if Corporations didn't' have to pay off the politicians they wouldn't care who was in charge.
  7. Why, are you stupid?
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    IF that were true, someone like Obama could never have been elected. You're basing your argument on how YOU feel. If they can restrict the free speech of a corporation or the "mega wealthy" they can do it to anyone.

    Do you think the framers of the Constitution had strippers in mind when it comes to free speech or do you think it was about political discourse?
  9. It's nice to know that we can occasionally agree on something, rare as it may be.
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