Supremacy clause BS detector

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mike oxbig, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Colorado legalizes weed for recreational use.
    Federal gov't says it's illegal.

    Let's watch the statist supremacy clause crowd for their reaction.

    Have they been honest about the issue of supremacy?

    Or were they blowing smoke.

    My guess is the supremacy crowd will not only keep their mouths shut about supremacy, but some judge will rule that they can have their weed and the supremacy clause doesn't apply in this case. (so as to preserve it for a time when conservatives pass some state issue that libs don't like and is against federal law)
  2. pspr


    Mean while in Mexico the Mexican government wonders why it is fighting the cartels and its agents are dying when we are legalizing drugs.
  3. Lucrum


    I caught the tale end of a piece covering that just last night. If I understood the guy being interviewed correctly. The Mexican army is doing as much of the killing as anyone else. But no one wants to report it. The army is even killing police and raping female police.
  4. I say legalize it and states right has ALWAYS been the correct stance.

    Who else is going to curb excessive fed govt power : the UN?