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    Is there any web site you can set up profolio which will show support, resistance, pivot & fib levels.
  2. Don't know of any website where you can plug in a whole portfolio and get the numbers, but has what they call a "projections" diagram that summarizes a bunch of price levels including pivots, some fibos, etc. for individual stocks - here's a sample link other info too. Personally didn't find it useful, but I don't find regular pivots very reliable or useful. But if you like them, might be your ticket.

    Also had some similar data summaries, but when I was looking at them a couple of years ago many of their fibo calcs were flat wrong. Presumably they've fixed that. - but you'd want to verify it. Not sure if they've started charging or not though.

    No doubt other sites that show similar info that others could identify - otherwise try doing a yahoo search.

    If you still use the old pivots, can't you just set up your own spreadsheet and import end of day price summaries from yahoo or another free source? Otherwise pop a few bucks for software (example attached).
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    Thanks for all the information!