Suppose you have access to inside information on a particular company...

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  1. Suppose also that there is absolutely no way whatsoever that the SEC could find out if you acted on such information and that acting on such information would make you instantly worth 1000 times your current net worth...

    What would you do?

    [Remember, for the purposes of the scenario, there is no way whatsoever that the SEC would ever find out about whether you acted on the information improperly.]
  2. Ebo


    What if I told you that now they are watching you?
  3. i would tell all my friends on elite so they would benefit also.
  4. Ebo


    I would buy a dictionary and learn how to spell.
  5. Pabst


    I wouldn't think twice about it. Remember until a few decades back insider trading was still legal. Lots of efficient market academics (Univ. of Chicago folks) think it still should be.
  6. I would like to know how such information would make me
    instantly worth 1000 times my current net worth. I don't think
    there is anything I could know that would increase my net
    worth that much!
  7. Suppose you had access to ridiculous leverage...

  8. I suppose you think I would choose the first option as an answer to the poll. The reason I started the poll is because it is a question that I am not able to answer for myself....I truly don't know what I would do.....I personally don't know if insider trading is wrong but I do know that it is illegal...Isn't speeding illegal? I wonder what you guys think...
  9. ....11 have answered it

    hmmmm.....I wonder what this means? Do we assume that the vast majority of those who didn't answer would have chosen the first option or that they would have chosen the second?