Support/resistance numbers for E-mini

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tripledtrader, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. vinc


    This 'info' is completely useless.. It's like SHOWING levels..Same crap, waste of time..
  2. Just use the dailies.
  3. That guy knows his stuff... However, he's missing a few key levels...

    1335.50 and 1329 are major supports this week on a breach of the lows. Those numbers are SPX, not /ES... But should match about the same areas.
  4. Pivot points do work, and I post ours daily.... for those who understand what the floor traders and Chicago Firms are looking at. If you watch the e's daily, you'll see directional slow downs at each support and resistance level. Combine that with the net TICKS, you'll see how easy that part of trading is. IMO.