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  1. Hi Are there any reliable sources for the support and resistance levels on the major indices? Or, even just the European ones. It seems a fairly basic need, yet I can't find much information on the topic. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Hi Trading1,

    I have found a very reliable source, along with some excellent educational material. Please send me a pm or email if you are interested.

  3. Focus on the high/low extremes made on an intra-day, daily, weekly & monthly basis.
  4. You may know them but they are fluid, support becomes resistance and vice versa. You still have to know how to trade which is 99% of the battle.
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    Bsparky is correct. Even though you know them you still have to know how to enter at those levels or skip them altogether. There are some reliable methods for that.
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    Here is an example of a zone know before the market got there.
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    That seems good advice, any comments about other issues like the rising trendlines or the chart patterns like double tops, H&S and so on?

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    Agreed. I would be using the support and res. levels merely to complement an existing trading method.

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    Here is another example of resistance zone known before the open, for a short opportunity. Was good for at least 2 points.
  10. But this sell point you listed, while it worked, is also due to the Mich Sentiment report that came out. I would have liked to see that level touched like that but not due to news.


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