support for Mr. Bush, our President

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  1. been disappointed with the "talk" against our President...please voice your support for Mr Bush, our President...very has been a great 7 years with him in office...lets get the positive going and hear the great support for him...serious post and no joking...
  2. Thanks man! you just made my day. I think I have a tear coming out of my eye...
  3. maxpi


    Why do they all call him "Mister" instead of "President"?? I never heard Mister Carter or Mister Clinton once but Bush is not worthy of being called President by krappy news and political people I guess...
  4. gaj


    i came in to this administration hoping that maybe bush would be different, working with other people.

    most of my friends who are republican are repulsed by his administration. i agree with them.

    (my friends who are democrats generally didn't like him from the get-go).
  5. Bush can swallow my cock.

    There ...does that help?
  6. piezoe


    Yah, Right On! 3 cheers for Mr. Bush, our first idiot savant president. I mean he's a savant at being an idiot. There is one word that somehow comes to mind whenever I think of him: "STUPID."

    Is that supportive enough for you, or were you hoping for something even more patriotic?
  7. Ok, here is your biig chance: name us one, just 1 single positive highlight that was achieved in those years.
  8. The destruction of the republican party?
  9. New heights of comedy?
  10. Dreaming about oral sex with other men again, Doc? Get some help, or at least just come out of the closet, would you?

    Doc Cock, denying his true self....:D
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