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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cwb1014, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. cwb1014


    Here's what I want a stock trading software package to do, and am wondering if any of you know of any presently on the market that do all of this (from what I can tell, many do parts of it, but none that I've discovered do all of it):

    Scan end-of-day charts for support and resistance, based on pivots, trendlines, channels, and moving averages.

    Display those support and resistance levels not just on end-of-day charts but also on real-time charts of whatever configuration (e.g., tick, 1 min, 5 min, etc.). Here, I would want to see not just the support and resistance levels, but also the associated points and/or lines from which they were derived (e.g., the pivots, trendlines, moving averages, etc.). To avoid any confusion on this, I would want to see on intraday charts extensions of trendlines and channels drawn on daily charts, x period moving averages calculated using the prices of x-1 prior days + the last trade intraday, and some indication of pivot levels if not directly associated with trendlines, channels, or moving averages.

    Continuously scan real-time data and alert me when support and resistance levels derived from the end-of-day data are being approached.

    If anyone knows of any software that does all this, I'd appreciate your letting me know. If there is no such software, does anyone have any thoughts on why not and/or how one would go about getting someone to create it?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  2. cwb1014


    Thanks for the information here, although looking over their website I'm not sure their software does everything I'm looking for. Nonetheless, it does seem like pretty interesting stuff.

    I've written them an email asking them to let me know whether, in fact, their programs do meet all my specifications, and I'll let everyone know what I hear back from them
  3. m_c_a98


    For me, Trade Prospector is second only to Tradestation2000 in terms of trading utility. I haven't used any trading software that even comes close to these two and as a result these are all I use.
  4. cwb1014


    Great to hear, but please let me know whether Trade Prospector or Tradestation actually does everything that I'm looking for in my trading software. I'm virtually certain Tradestation does not, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. m_c_a98


    well, with tradestation you can code almost anything you want. Trade prospector does seem to have most of what you want, not totally sure though about automatic trendlines and the like. It only works with data feed.
  6. Shankar


    I do not know about TradeProspector, I have never seen it. But I can recommend you Wealth-Lab. I have seen some support/resistant code there already published. Good thing is you can test it on a portfolio of symbols with money management and that is the only real way to test. To see some of the possibilities of WL you can have a look at It also has been a good source for ideas for me.
  7. deepitm


    You might want to look at a program called "Ramp". It scans for stocks touching trend lines. It uses end of day data but I'm not sure if it would display results on intra day chart.