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    Hello! Do you know where it is possible to learn how to understand supply/demand and the 50%?

    Thank you
  2. ===========

    Amoung the best, wisdom is profitable to direct,
    How To Make Money in Stocks by William O Neil.

    Actually read it many times,
    strangely ,just started reading it again.

    Actually observing charts or just bid prices/50%, writing notes on them helps a lot,
    over time.
  3. Use ET search menu and look up the name dphoenix for a nice overview...

    If you want to take a more microscopic view of supply/demand...use the same search link above and look up the words WRB Analysis although its not put together nicely in a few threads as dphoenix did in his overview discussions and analysis of supply/demand.

    However, the above is mainly discussed from the perspective of Futures markets.

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    Thanks for your help guys!