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    Any recommendations for learning Supply / Demand Zone trading and set-ups? Looking for courses, websites, books, etc.

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    I learned a lot several years ago from Alfonso Moreno at
    Excellent instructional material, and at the time reasonable pricing.
    Moreno is an outstanding teacher, was responsive to inquiries, and seemed to have created a good environment among trader-students.

    I did not continue bc I wanted to figure out deeper criteria for deciding when/where to enter trades -- the materials were excellent, it's just that I felt there could be better ways than the conventions there (dont be satisfied with just copying verbatim what an instructor tells you)

    Site relies on trading CFDs, which are not available in the US for regulatory reasons -- many informed people consider them something of a modern-day bucket shop. Nevertheless, the edu materials and Moreno's weekly reviews are among the best -- you don't need to trade CFDs to benefit.

    Also looked at lots of Supply-Demand youtube videos from Sam Seiden at, I think, Online Trading Academy. His material is good, though the company generally gets bad reviews, considered way overpriced.
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    tell it to TraderKohl, my man.
    Supply / demand zone is too much like work, for me. Lots of shades of grey.
    That guy in the video has worked out his style of trading, tho.
    What's yours?
  6. I'm studying supply and demand trading and from what I gather, it's highly subjective.
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    If its highly subjective to you...
    • Then make it objective.
    Seriously, there's no reason why a trader can not adapt a method.

  8. Where did I say that the guy can't adapt the method? I was simply giving the guy a heads up. You're just looking for a reason to talk shit.
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    The did not say it.

    I said it about your perspective of trading via supply / demand...I did not say it about the thread starter. :D

    Had you adapted would have also stated such that you took the "highly subjective" trade method and made it objective. You did or you did not...not something to argue about. :cool:

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