Supply and Demand or Market Manipulation

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BP event is Market manipulation?

  1. Yes ... Obama is a Soros puppet

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  2. Yes ... A Thinktank mastery of multiple agendas

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  3. BOTH options above

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  4. No way, it was an accident and everything else is cooincidence

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  5. No ... but the tragedy is being capitalized on as usual

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  1. The BP oil spill creates a unique situation.
    --- Devastated Gulf economy
    --- Reduced US Gulf Oil production
    --- Oil Rigs now available for Soros Investment fund Brazil oil

    With a Global shortage of Oil platforms many that pulled out of the Gulf are headed for Brazil.

    George Soros fund heavily invested in Brazil oil.

    Obama underwrites offshore drilling in Brazil
  2. Why do you think Soros is so powerful. He is not worth that much and can do little to impact the market on his own. The government could deal with him easily if they had to.
  3. Soros has proven history of being behind the downfall of other societies.

    His Russian connections are what concern me most.
  4. Any other educated well researched guesses?
  5. Thanks for the poll. At least now, if enough people answer, we can get some sort of handle on the paranoid vs the rational in this place.
  6. We''re never likely to know "what's what"... it will always be kept a secret from the hoi polloi.

    However... as America is "where the money is"... one cannot dismiss ANY possibility which involves greed and power.

    Of course, we don't know for sure and will never be allowed to know (at least not until it's too late to take corrective action), but...

    1. FDR might have been duplicitous in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    2. George W. Bush might have been duplicitous in the 9/11 attack. (Personally, I think that's HIGHLY likely.)

    3. Obama may in fact NOT be Constitutionally eligible to be president. (Also HIGHLY likely.)

    4. The current Gulf oil crisis might be used as rationale to pass Cap'n'Tax legislation to the detriment of us all. (Ditto.)

    5. The "world sovereign debt crisis" might be the excuse to establish a One World Government, Bank, Currency...

    Without the public being allowed evidence to refute such things.. they are still possible. And in the mind of thinkers, more than reasonable possibilities.... One can deduce the "power and greed" benefits to those in power at the time... and isn't that alone enough to be reasonably suspicious?

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  7. Indeed.
    However it will be a measure of "the researched" vs. "the opinionated."

    True researchers offer an opinion on an issue or concern based on research and facts and truth.

    The opinionated lay claims of "irrational, tin hat, conspiracy etc." based on
    pride and blind belief and their choice of blinders to real evidence.
  8. Very well said.

  9. Smith00


    There will always be an ambiguity in the real scenario, whether it is the demand and supply chain or merely market manipulation.
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