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  1. A trader needs to think quickly and make good decisions under duress. I was wondering what supplements and other techniques might be out there to assist with a better focus.

    I use the following everyday which, to be honest, I dont know if it works, but dont think it can hurt:

    - At least 1 mile of running in the morning followed by pushups, knee bends and situps. Followed by a quick afternoon session of running, pushups and situps.

    - Fish oil, folic acid, SAM-E, multi-vitamin and St. John's Wort. Calciumated orange juice and a big breakfast.

    - Keeping the window open to allow for fresh air in the room or keeping the room at a lower temperature then what you are normally comfortable with..i.e. 67 degrees.

    - A high quality office chair that is comfortable to sit in for 8 hours.

    - Seperating yourself from anything that might interupt you. Turning off the cellphone. Turning off television. etc...

    What do you do for a better focus and overall mental health while trading?
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    Piracetam works well for improving concentration and memory.
  3. replace the SAM-E and St. Johns with B12 and 6 also make sure your multi is a food based vitamin not chemically manufactured one.

    other then that looks good imho :)
  4. Question:

    Dear Dr. Lin,

    I think I might be over-sexed as I am experiencing many of the negative symptoms, including poor concentration, slowly deteriorating eyesight, mood swings, anxiety, uncomfortable sleep, un-pleasurable and undesired arousal, loss of patience, and sleeping more than 9 hours a day.

    I have been masturbating since 12 and did it quite frequently about 6 times a week. I went to see a psychiatrist for mild depression symptoms and he said it was due to stress and other factors, but I would like to think it's from being over-sexed.

    Whenever I stop masturbating for more than 3-5 days in a row, I tend to feel some sort of relief and serenity and my sex drive will feel more pleasurable.

    Although I have this condition, I believe I have not destroyed my sex organs, as I still can have an ejaculation of up 0.5-1 meters in height and an erection angle of 1-2 o'clock (that's when I refrain from masturbating for at least 3 days). But I believe I might have spoiled my brain's neuro-chemical balance.

    Right now I'm on 1000 mg fish oil a day, spirulina, vitamin C, colustrum and RO water, and I believe this had also help relieve the symptoms a little.

    Judging by my condition, how would you advise my sexual practice to be from now if I desire to fully recover into a 'full person'? Will I be able to recover completely as if nothing happened? Will I be able to practice the penile ballooning technique and multiple orgasms so I won't burn out my brain and body anymore? Please advise me. Thank you for taking the time.