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  1. Has anyone here every found a source of supplemental income while they learned how to trade? For example, selling on ebay or some other internet related business - even a low-risk way of selling puts/calls for the income. If so, please PM me.

    I personally believe any amount of income not derived from trading could help in the psychological aspects of learning to trade immensely. However, due to personal reasons and family constraints, I cannot just take a night job outside of my home like bartending. I realize several people have done this, but I am not able.

    Thank you
  2. You're on the right track. When I first started out some very well meaning people advised I supplement the trading activity and I didn't listen to them. Without going into details, I should have. Trading takes a great deal amount of time to learn for most and you give yourself the best chance of success by being able to stick around long enough to learn.l

    I don't have any specific advise for you on what to do for income but wanted to let you know it's a very good idea.
  3. Restaurants always need people in the evenings.
  4. You could donate Plasma and/or Sperm.
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  6. BG Ripper?
  7. start a little business on the side. one that allows you to hire people to do the work for you after you get it rolling. anything will work----- try office/house cleaning, painting, publishing a newsletter, courier service, ANYTHING.

    best to you !

  8. Bartenders make good traders ...