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  1. Hi,

    Is there any food supplement for trader that can help us to concentrate/focus in trading? Or maybe could help us in high level thinking? or to make our brain functioning?

    Do you think Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acid is good supplement for traders?
  2. TRS


    Listen to yourself and feed/supplement accordingly.
  3. Lucrum


    Shred two one hundred dollar bills, one old Turbo Tax CD, five brokerage statements and add it to two cups ice cream, one banana and two cups of milk in a blender. Blend thoroughly and enjoy - riches beyond your wildest dreams.

    (You may want to stay close to a restroom for several hours after consuming the "Traders Shake")
  4. I eat walnuts everyday with my yogurt and eat hi Omega 3 fish like salmon or sablefish 2-3 times a week (8 oz or so each meal).

    All that stuff is great brain food.

  5. Aaaahahaha, crazy Lucrum! Funny!

    OP, fish oil is good, but buy a good quality that is pure and clean of mercury and other fish contamination.
    Some exercise too.
  6. Fish oil can impede absorption of medications and other supplements.

  7. I have read that fish oil can increase a medicine effect. I am not sure what you are saying with impede. Fish oil is very good, but if a person is taking blood thinner(coumadin or other) or medicine to lower blood pressure, than the fish oil can make the medicine work too much. For example, fish oil is good to lower blood pressure. So if a person is taking medicine for lowering blood pressure AND they take fish oil too, then the blood pressure could be lowered too much. Same with blood thinner. If taking blood thinner medicine AND taking fish oil, then it is possible for too much blood thinning, and bleeding. So yes, fish oil with some medications could be dangerous. So it is important to tell the doctor all the supplements you take. But fish oil is very good from what science knows at this point.