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    I am very happy to announce that my SuperTurtle and Simple Harmony System are the number 1 and number 3 multi-market systems since release. They have made the list since they have now been released for over 18 months.

    I am going to offer only a limited number of these at the old price before I increase the price. You can still get SuperTurtle+ three other systems and TradersStudio for $899.00. That less than the cost of the many of the other vendors lower ranked systems alone.

    Here is the link to the systems and updated results on

    Here is a link to my Trend Harmony Package.

    This package includes the Murray Ruggiero Systems Pack for free , that a 399.00 value. You can get six different trading systems including number 1 and number 3 and TradersStudio for less than the cost of most systems $1399.00!.
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    Sorry, forgot top 10 list from Futures Truth.
  3. And you are paying EliteTrader for this plug, or is this SPAM ????

    And since when was FuturesTruth a good judge of anything? They have a reputation of people buying the high ranked systems and then systems not working like "tested."
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    I am not a big fan of Futures Truth. I just don't see them adding any value. In fact, they seem to simply muddy the waters as regards system recommendations.

    I have never seen a commercial system for sale that performed will in the long run.

    I think a good test for Murrays offering is to look at his most recent "system" and compare the performance from inception to first sale, and then from first sale to present date. If historical backtest records are available, look at predicted drawdown and compare to drawdowns after the product was sold commercially. If the backtest was rigorous, drawdowns should not vary greatly over a 3-5 year period.

    Good luck,

  5. Only a sponsor has additional print under their handle. Murray is an ET sponsor.
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    I am offering results on that portfolio getting back to 1980. You can view my results on the web site where I describe the product.
    I released the systems on 1/1/06 which is when Future Truth starting tracking it. The system has performed well over this period. This system is a variation of a system I sold back in the mid 1990's. It a cross between the standard turtle system and an adaptive channel breakout based on cycle analysis. This is a methodology I originally developed back in the mid 1990's.

    One point I would like to make about multi-market systems is that your results are all about picking the portfolio. If I show results on any portfolio I pick , someone would have said I cherry picked a portfolio after the fact. What Future Truth offers is a portfolio which was selected on or before 1/1/06 and was run against the other trend following systems also.

    When it comes to selling trading systems, the vendors can't win. I am at least trying to use a third party in my evaluating, good or bad. I also think that vendors who allow their systems to be evaluated by third parties should get some extra credit for allowing unknown future results to be published.

    I think the value they offer is that they are not the vendor, they publish results of 100's of systems and you can see their results and how each system compares. You might think they use too little slippage, but they don't let vendors go back and change parameters and use a previous date so the results are at least out of sample results.
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    First , I do have customers who purchased the systems and have traded them, so to them it's not meaningless.

    In addition I love how everyone like to distort I-Master. It made a ton of money for over two years plus after release. Many people really made this money in their accounts. Then it ran into problems. I am not saying it did not. The point is you could have traded it for the next three years before you gave back all the money you made. At some point you would have realized that something was wrong.

    In addition , yes the standard Turtle system is being given away for free, in written rules. It cost money to buy Trading Blox.
    My SuperTurtle system once again is not the free Turtle system, this is obvious because that free system is not performing anywhere near as well as my superior adaptive version. In addition TradersStudio without SuperTurtle does offer many very good system bundled for free , just none which have done as well as SuperTurtle or Trend Harmony.

    In addition when you buy it bundled with TradersStudio you get a great system develop tool with a drag and drop programming interface in addition to a very powerful programming language.
    You also get a tool which can develop very advance money management strategies across multiple trading systems.
    You might try to say the same about Trading Blox but we start with the only version which might compare costing $2995.00 when we cost $599.00. In addition TradersStudio offers things Trading blox does not. Like a way to use existing EasyLanguage code. We also have a large selection of addins products.
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    Murray, maybe you can answer a question I've always wondered.

    If the system you've developed is really so great and you developed it over 10 years ago. Why do yo (need) to sell it?

    Why haven't you made enough money trading it with your own money, or set up a CTA business? Surely that must be more profitable than selling systems.
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    First , this is not the same exact system from 10 years ago it's a variation of it. This system was finished in December 2005.

    Now here is the answer to your question. Why do people sell good systems ?

    It's simple , you can make very good money selling systems and even if you are trading them , it will have no effect on your performance . This is because most traders are not disciplined enough to follow the rules long term. They will skip trades they consider risky which most often are the most profitable ones. This means that I can sell at least a given number of each system and not effect my trading returns. In addition I can make risk free this additional money from these sales.

    So the question is why should I not both do a service to my customers and make money by selling them good systems ?
  10. Just another "great trader" who gives away the key to riches for mere pennies.

    Funny how so many "great traders" start to sell their systems after they can't make money TRADING anymore.

    P.S.- Don't bother re-typing the same bullshit about how you can "still make money and sell your system". It's a load of crap. Every system has scalability limits. Selling it to every Joe Blow makes your b.s. just as worthless as every other "flash in the pan" snake oil guru.

    Bring the noise. I'm sure there are a bunch of newbie mooks who will defend your "turtle" nonsense. Successful traders know better.
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